Angelo Gonzalez from Agora Web Solutions (agorawebs) in Chicago

Instead of business practices, they have business malices.

Angelo Gonzalez was by far most malicious, then Patric Singer, then Arlington Toyota, etc. From top to bottom.

Angelo Gonzalez, owner of Agora Web Solutions (agorawebs) from Chicago

Freelance programmers and web designers, telecommute contractors, beware of this company! If you decide to do business with him, be careful what you are offered to sign, and what you are not offered to sign. Be extremely careful if you do internet business with him, as he will accept your code, but he will not send you a payment (for the first project he did, for the second he did not). With a malicious intent he didn't want to pay me as he thought that court would be cheaper.("...I have been informed by my attorney that I will not incur any costs if I go to small claims court. Therefore, it is actually cheaper for me to go to small claims court than to pay you. Even a negotiated rate...") He is a fine example of the kind of people that try to use US court system by harming others with a hope that 'legal option' will cost them less. Because I like justice, I went to court. I would rather give money I earned to lawyers and collection agencies (if needed), then to him. As I was doing business with him as corporation, I couldn't represent it in a court, but I needed an attorney. Most lawyers would not accept to represent my company in small claims court because amount was smaller than a thousand dollars. However, I was lucky to have a friend who is a lawyer, and thanks to her, Angelo Gonzalez did agree to settle in front of the court room, although he refused to pay that amount a year earlier, before the money was spent on court and many days wasted.
UPDATE: I noticed recently that he published some lies on his website. I am actually tempted to publish our email correspondence (in spite of certain signed document), just so that you could see what a pathetic liar that guy is.

Dakmart and its owner Patrick Singer from Florida


Arlington Toyota